Marc Thinnes


Marc Thinnes is graduated from SUPELEC, got an information technology diploma from CNAM and is a former French Navy officer.

Prior to join ERGET Group in 1999, he was a Naval Officer in French Navy where he was among others at the technical directorate for ship maintenance and an electrical and fire safety expert at Naval Headquarters. His fields of expertise are industry, marine, product risks and fire.



Fields of expertise:


• Energy production activities (engines, gas turbines,
steam turbines, combined heat & power, geothermal
energy, wind turbines, photovoltaic panels)
• Industrial production activities
• LV & HV electricity, power electronics
• Automation and robotics
• Cooling and air-conditioning


• Capital goods
• Consumer goods
• Household electrical goods



• Ship technology
• Shipbuilding and nautical activities
• Marine and underwater works
• Ship stability


• Fire protection and detection
• Kinematics of fires


Ecole Navale

Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (SUPELEC)

Ecole des Ingénieurs Mécaniciens de la Marine Nationale

Ecole de Sécurité Incendie

CNAM Informatique

Brevet Plongeur


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