// Global expertise solutions in aeronautics and aerospace

The aerospace sector is a complex and high-risk field. It has multiple stakeholders. The chains of responsibility are long and it covers a vast range of risks: industrial risks, operational risks and civil liability risks. In aeronautical and aerospace matters, ERGET’s experts (aircraft and helicopter test pilots, aeronautical industry engineers and aerospace industry engineers) possess a sound scientific background and a significant amount of practical experience. They are very familiar with the aeronautical and aerospace industries and have a good understanding of the insurance sector and an excellent command of its legal mechanisms.



Assembly-testing/ Launching/ Operating losses/ Operator civil liability / Civil liability for space products/ Non-physical risks



Commercial and light aviation: Aircraft bodies/ Operating losses/ Carrier’s civil liability

Manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and repairers: Property damage/ Operating losses/ Assembly-testing/ Civil liability for aeronautical products/ Civil liability for property in care

Airport infrastructures: Contractors’ all risks insurance/ Machine breakage/ Fire & sundry risks/ Manufacturer’s civil liability/ Aerodrome operator’s civil liability

Service providers: Servicing, repair & maintenance/ Aircraft sales/ Refuelling and stopover assistance/ Manufacturers’ risks/ Market value/ Pre-purchase

Aeronautical equipment: Damage to aeronautical equipment transported by air, sea or land/ Carriers’ civil liability/ Transportation intermediaries’ civil liability