Bodily injury

// ERGET’s technical and economical expertise dedicated to serious physical injury


Accidents Reconstruction – Leading-edge technology used to reconstruct accidents

The quality and reliability of dimensional measurements of the scene and vehicles involved in an accident are the key to understanding it in the future
Erget Systems, which specialises in reconstructing accidents, implements state-of-the-art technology to help understand and preserve the data.
Accidents reconstruction/ Technical causes
Accuracy / Reliability / Efficiency


Fitting out victims’ homes 

Fitting out victims’ homes. This has become a key part of compensating victims of serious accidents. After years of experience in this area, ERGET is in a strong position to develop a multidisciplinary approach based on dialogue. 

Unquestionable benefits

On the human level: A response to each victim’s specific needs with appropriate, personalised, cutting-edge technological solutions
On the financial level: By objectively analysing needs in the context considered, CORPOREX’s multidisciplinary team optimises the cost of the necessary changes
A multidisciplinary team for the right solution at the right cost.


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