An International Organisation Dedicated To Your Market


Our dedicated coordination team will be eager to provide you the best services and to adapt our offer to your needs for the markets in which you are involved. We believe that in our business, efficiency and flexibility are key to responding to the specificity of cross-border claims and surveys. That is why our coordinators are dedicated to a specific area and based in local offices.

We are working in close association with local independent and experienced loss adjusters and, for very specific claims or/and highly technical risks, our experts are able to operate worldwide in association with our local partners.

We believe our approach gives local access to International adjusters with the benefit of face to face discussions about individual cases as well as providing availability for insurers’ market meetings. This approach also provides consistency of service as all appointments are managed through our coordination office and in line with local market requirements to ensure a consistent, high quality reporting process.
Furthermore, this approach enables us to offer our key account clients a local dedicated service ensuring compliance with each country specificities and rules.

We guarantee access to an International pool of highly experienced adjusters who fully understand the local laws of their respective territories as well as having the specialist skills required to handle specific claims and communicate in the required language, all of which can be managed by our coordination teams for Europe, China, Asia, Africa Middle East and South America.

We have today a local presence in over 80 countries around the world and access to more than 300 surveyors and loss adjustors mainly dedicated to cargo, EPL, industrial risks…